VFXRendering will look closely at how to optimize render speed on the Top 5 render farm: Fox Renderfarm, GarageFarm, iRender, RANCH Computing and RebusFarm.

We come back with another comparison, for multiple frames on higher rendering tiers of many Blender render farm.

Continue render farm comparison series, VFXRendering is going to run a still image test on various Blender render farm and compare.

There are hundreds of Blender render farms out there. Different render farms have their own advantages. Let’s explore the best Blender GPU render farm.

A good GPU will give a great Blender experience and rendering process. Discover the Best GPU for rendering Blender and render farms for multi-GPU

Cinema 4D vs Blender - which is better? If you are a beginner or looking for the answer to this question, this article is

About five or six years ago, we believed that many people still had doubts about whether GPU or CPU is more important, and whether

Blender and Houdini are the most popular 3D software for the 3D industry. They have a lot of amazing tools for 3D pipeline modeling,

3D rendering is an integral part of industries such as animation films, tricks, and architectural and style visualization, numerous programs are available today. 3D