3Ds Max and Vray are among the most popular tools in 3D and architecture. Along with that popularity, many render farms support this couple's

We have known Vray is excellent for rendering on the CPU. What about Vray GPU rendering? Explore with VFXRendering

Finding the best C4D Vray render farm with VFXRendering. We will review render farms and show you the version supported.

Vray users may ask themselves that should they choose Vray CPU vs GPU rendering. How are they different? Let's find out.

When GPU rendering was born, we saw a marked change in the rendering speed of GPU rendering compared to CPU rendering: faster than CPU

In this article, we will review and introduce you to the top 6 render farms for V-Ray in 2022. We will see if the

The animation rendering process is very complex. Because it includes many stages such as shading, texture mapping, motion blurs,  shadows and reflections. Below, VFX

Many designers should favor Sketchup because it is open source and user-friendly. Additionally, the top render plugins are frequently brought up in forum discussions.

3D rendering software is an indispensable tool for designers to make their work more forceful. The world of 3D rendering still contains a lot