In recent years, we have witnessed many new render farms born and die, but the general trend of render farms has changed drastically along

Like promised, let’s move up to run a new test: top 5 best CPU render farm comparison. Before going to our project on video

Recently VFXRendering has made two videos about the best Blender render farm compare. Today, we make a compilation of them for you to follow.

VFXRendering will look closely at how to optimize render speed on the Top 5 render farm: Fox Renderfarm, GarageFarm, iRender, RANCH Computing and RebusFarm.

After a series of test videos and comparisons between 5 famous GPU render farms including Garage Farm, Fox render farm, Rebus Farm, Ranch Computing,

We come back with another comparison, for multiple frames on higher rendering tiers of many Blender render farm.

Today, we will run a small test on various Octane render farms. Let's see if they support Octane or not, and how fast they

Continue render farm comparison series, VFXRendering is going to run a still image test on various Blender render farm and compare.

Finding the best C4D Vray render farm with VFXRendering. We will review render farms and show you the version supported.