Best 3D Render Farm Services

When getting started or using an online render farm, you will need assistance sometimes. How is the support of Best 3D Render Farm Services? VFXRendering will find out today.

best 3d render farm services

What criteria to consider in terms of render farm service support?

Other than software compatibility and render performance, a really important factor that determines whether you will come back with a render farm or not is the service support. To VFXRendering, user experience is everything. So, what will we consider when evaluating render farm service support? Let’s see a list of questions below:

  • Is the support response quick? How long will you get an answer or fix the technical issue?
  • Which support channels does the render farm offer?
  • Is there support team available 24/7, including weekends and holidays?

Best 3D Render Farm Services Support

Our favorite 3D Render Farm Services sure provide good service support in addition to their rendering power.

Fox Renderfarm

Fox Render Farm is a trusted online CPU and GPU render farm. Founded in 2009, they have worked with various entertainment studios and animation studios from more than 50 countries and regions for over 10 years. With professional services, they provide you with a fast rendering service by a huge number of rendering nodes. Their SaaS rendering solution allows customers to use their applications to render their projects.

best 3d render farm services fox renderfarm

Service support

Fox Renderfarm’s service support is professional. Fox supports customers 24/7 through email, skype and live chat. Their staffs often answer questions and issues quickly via live chat. Though the live chat directs users to go to skype but you can reach out to them directly here. The response time is within 5 minutes. That of skype and email is around 15-30 minutes. Sometimes they answer after a few minutes, sometimes the time is longer. When the question is about technical issues, it takes the Fox team to check and answer you later. You can choose any of the three support channels, there won’t be much difference. But if you want the fastest reply, VFXRendering recommends live chat from our experience.

In addition, Fox’s support team is composed of experienced staff in the field of computer graphics. Therefore, users can be somewhat assured that they will be actively supported if they have any difficulty in rendering.

Support channelEmail, Skype, Live chat
Response timeWithin 5 minutes (live chat)
Support time24/7

Get in touch with Fox Renderfarm Team.


Garage Farm was started in 2010, by a team of two, Tomek and Minhee. Based in UK, they are providing cloud rendering services. As a SaaS cloud render farm, Garage will connect with your 3D software and automate the process of rendering after you send your project from the interface of your application.

3d render farm service GarageFarm - VFXRendering

Service support

The service support of Garage Farm is dedicated. Garage offers customer support via email, skype and live chat for 24/7. Their customer support staffs give customers very detailed and informative answers or instruction for the questions being asked. Their overall response time is fast, it also depends on the communication channel you are using. Live chat is the fastest, you will get a response almost right away, usually within 2-5 minutes. Further, the live chat is available on the website and your user interface. So it is more convenient for users to contact the farm wherever they are at that moment.

The second channel is skype, quite similar to live chat. Email, however, takes longer time than those two. The response time could be around or less than 1 hour. Summing up, VFXRendering recommends using live chat for the fastest assistance. Besides, different priority plans will have different support levels. For example, low priority offers limited support while you will get full support from medium priority and premium support from high priority.

Support channelEmail, Skype, Live chat
Response timeWithin 5 minutes (live chat)
Support time24/7

Get in touch with GarageFarm Team.


iRender Farm is a high-performance cloud render farm for CPU and GPU rendering. Founded in 2019, though iRender is young compared to over 10-year-experience render farms, they have provided professional services and dedicated support to their customers. iRender’s IaaS rendering solution gives their users full control over not only the powerful servers but also the rendering workflow.

best 3d render farm services irender

Service support

iRender Farm’s service support is amazing. Same to two render farms above, iRender supports customers 24/7 through email, skype and live chat. But iRender has another very unique approach. That is they also support through other messaging apps if customers allow and provide it. Such as Whatsapp, Discord, etc. Their staffs are enthusiastic and ready to answer your questions and solve any issues. We really like this side of the farm. iRender’s support team not only answers the questions asked but also actively guides us to use their service (who are new).

The response time of live chat and skype is very fast, almost immediately. Live chat is available on the website and web manager, you can contact them directly whenever you need. Email, as usual, takes a longer time to respond to, within 1 hour. VFXRendering recommends you contact them via live chat for the fastest and the most effective customer and technical support.

Support channelEmail, Skype, Live chat, Messaging Apps (Whatsapp, Discord, etc)
Response timeWithin 5 minutes (live chat)
Support time24/7

Get in touch with iRender Farm Team.

RANCH Computing

RANCH Computing is a great rendering service for CPU and GPU projects. Beginning in 2007, Ranch Computing has assisted artists to tackle heavy rendering tasks in order to meet their deadlines and their budgets. Based on SaaS, RANCH Computing enables customers to have easy access to the render nodes and utilize their power to speed up the rendering process.

3D render farm service Ranch Computing

Service support

Compared to the three render farms above, the service support of RANCH Computing seems, hmm… a bit less. RANCH offers 2 support channels, that is Email and Skype. Further, RANCH team is available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (UTC+1 / Paris, France) to answer your questions by email or telephone. This also means most of the time, they only support during office hours. Sometimes, they are also available in the evenings or on weekends if requested.

Overall, their response time is not as fast as other render farms. But it is not too long. Email seems to be the best way to get in touch. RANCH lists a few most common questions a with contact form to make it easy for the farm to help their customers. VFXRendering recommends you using the contact form to send the email. There is a live chat on the website, but we get no response from it.

Support channelEmail, Skype
Response timeWithin 1 hour
Support time9 a.m – 7 p.m. Monday to Friday (UTC+1)

Get in touch with RANCH Computing Team.


RebusFarm is one of the most trusted render cloud services with more than 16 years of experience in the 3D rendering field. They offer a cloud rendering service based on SaaS that can handle major 3D software. You will submit your job directly from a plugin inside the 3D software to the farm and render on massive render nodes.

3d render farm service Rebus Farm - VFXRendering

Service support

RebusFarm’s service support is great. RebusFarm supports customers via email and live chat for 24/7. You are able to send an email directly to their email address or use the contact form on the website. Both ways will create a support ticket, their tech will reply soon.

Both live chat and email are fast. You will get a response right after a few minutes through live chat, the time will be longer for email. You can choose any of them.

Support channelEmail, Skype, Live chat
Response timeWithin 5 minutes (live chat)
Support time24/7

Get in touch with RebusFarm Team.

Final thoughts

Any 3D render farm services sould have good service support. The support team interacts with customers by using various chat channels such as phone, website chat applications and social media messaging. Those communications are to keep customers coming back and to bring in more new customers to the render farm.

Our Top 5 Best Render Farms have done a good job in assisting their own customers. It’s impossible to say which one is better in general. However, Fox Renderfarm, GarageFarm, iRender and RebusFarm all have the fastest response – almost real time through live chat on their website. From VFXRendering experience, we highly appreciate iRender and GarageFarm. In addition to the speed, iRender support is friendly and helpful whereas GarageFarm support is informative.

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