Render Cost: Comparing 6 Top Render Farms

Compare 6 Top Render Farms for the Ultimate Render Cost Showdown.

Previously, we delved into the render farm costs of 3 render farms: Ranch Computing vs Fox Renderfarm vs Chip Render. Some of you asked why we did not compare with the five best render farms. Well, GarageFarm does not support rendering with Octane, and RebusFarm does not support my version of Cinema 4D 2024.

So, we have created a new scene in Cinema 4D 2023 and Redshift to render on all 6 render farms. Let’s see if Chip Render offers more competitive pricing compared to other solutions.

The Scene

  • Cinema 4D 2023.2.2
  • Redshift 3.5.21
  • Resolution: 1080 by 1920 pixels
  • Number of frames: 180 frames

Render Cost Showdown: Comparing 6 Top Render Farms

Chip Render

Let’s start with Chip Render Farm. We need to use its desktop app called Chip Render. After uploading the project folder, we create a machine for rendering our job. We select the machine with 4 RTX 3090 GPUs.

Then we need to connect to the cloud workstation. It is like our own computer now. Open the scene and render.

This is the result. It renders our scene in 1 hour and 40 minutes, which costs us $15.

Render Cost Compare 6 Top Render Farms Chip Render

Fox Renderfarm

Fox Renderfarm. We create the folder on Fox and upload the project through its transmission tool Ray Sync. Then we submit the job and select the software and hardware for rendering it.

Go analysis, and Render.

The render is now completed, the rendering cost is $20.76.

Render Cost Compare 6 Top Render Farms Fox


Next, GarageFarm. We upload the scene to the render farm through the renderBeamer plugin. Configure the settings and submit the job.

It is rendering now. The final cost is $20.77, which is the same as Fox.

Render Cost Compare 6 Top Render Farms Garage

iRender Farm

The next render farm is iRender. We use its desktop app to upload the project and create a render machine. After connecting to the server, we open the scene and render it just as we use our PC.

It is rendering now and showing the rendered frames at the same time.

The rendering cost is around $33.

Render Cost Compare 6 Top Render Farms iRender

Ranch Computing

Let’s continue with Ranch Computing. We use its plugin Ranch Checker to prepare the file. Then go to the website to create the rendering job. Upload the project file, and Ranch will take care of the rendering from now on.

The render cost is 50.15 euros, which is approximately $54.35.

Render Cost Compare 6 Top Render Farms Ranch


Finally, RebusFarm. In Cinema 4D, we use its plugin Rebus Farminizer to check the scene and upload it to the farm. Then it navigates to the Control Center where we can view the rendering process.

The final render cost is 55.61 euros, which is approximately $60.27.

Render Cost Compare 6 Top Render Farms Rebus

Render Cost Showdown: Final results

Render FarmRendering CostRendering Time
Chip Render$151 hour 40 minutes
Fox Renderfarm$20.764 hours 28 minutes
GarageFarm$20.7730 minutes
iRender Farm$332 hours 12 minutes
Ranch Computing$54.35 (€50.15)13 minutes
RebusFarm$60.27 (€55.61)55 minutes

After thorough testing, it is evident that Chip Render does indeed offer the lowest render costs among the six render farms we have compared in this article.

However, it is important to note that rendering cost is one factor to consider when choosing a render farm. The other 5 render farms are still reliable solutions that excel in other factors.

Thank you for reading our render farm comparison series. Stay tuned for more render farm comparisons and insights.

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