Render Farm Cost Comparison

Render Farm Cost Comparison: Ranch Computing vs Fox Renderfarm vs Chip Render Farm.

Rendering cost is one of the key considerations for any artists and studios when choosing an online render farm. It is also the criteria and topic of this article. 

Chip Render Farm is a newcomer to the scene, it claims to offer the best prices and aims to popularize cloud rendering. But does it truly offer the most competitive rates? VFXRendering will compare and find out. We will compare its pricing with two budget-friendly options we have worked with: Fox Renderfarm and Ranch Computing.

The scene

  • Cinema 4D 2024.1
  • OctaneRender 2023.1
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px
  • Size of project file: 45 MB
  • Number of frames: 180 frames

Fox Renderfarm vs Ranch Computing vs Chip Render Farm

Ranch Computing

First of all, Ranch Computing. We use its plugin Ranch Checker to prepare the file. Then go to the website to create the rendering job, we choose Low priority to save money. Upload the project file, and we are good to go. The render farm will take care of the rendering from now on.

Unfortunately, the Ranch costs more than we expected – 80 euros. Though it has not finished rendering all our frames, we decided to stop. Let it be there and see how other render farms doing.

Render Farm Cost Comparison Ranch Computing

Fox Renderfarm

Next, Fox Renderfarm. We create the folder on Fox and upload the project through its transmission tool Ray Sync. Then we submit the job and select the software and hardware for rendering it.
Go analysis, and Render.

The rendering cost is cheaper – $30 for all 180 frames.

Render Farm Cost Comparison Fox Renderfarm

Chip Render Farm

Finally, Chip Render Farm. Let’s see if it can be cheaper than Fox Renderfarm.

We need to use its desktop app called Chip Render. After uploading the project folder, we create a machine for rendering our job. The price of 2 GPU RTX 3090 looks more favorable than that of 1 GPU RTX 3090. So we select the machine with 2 GPUs.

Then we need to connect to the cloud workstation. It is like our own computer now. Open the scene and render.

It renders our scene in 1 hour and 36 minutes. This means, that by counting only the rendering time, Chip charges us $8 for rendering all 180 frames. This is astonishing.

Render Farm Cost Comparison Chip Render Farm

Render Farm Cost Comparison

Let’s look again at the results of all three render farms.

Render farmRendering CostRendering Time
Chip Render Farm$81 hour 36 minutes
Fox Renderfarm$30 1 hour 20 minutes
Ranch Computing€80 (~$87)21 minutes

Chip Render Farm‘s claim of having the best prices in the business? It is not just hot air. With render costs this low, it is truly making cloud rendering accessible to everyone.

However, Fox Renderfarm and Ranch Computing are still two reliable options if we consider other factors than just rendering cost.

That’s all about today. If you want us to compare the best render farms for any software, please comment or send a request to [email protected]. Stay tuned for the next post in this series!

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