Render Farm in 3D Advertising

VFXRendering explores the role of render farm in 3D Advertising, to create advertisements captivating customer experience.

Advertising has always appeared all around us, in all aspects of life. From newspaper and television commercials to posters on buildings or public transport to electronic billboards. As 3D technology advances, the advertising industry embraces new technology to create more eye-catching advertisements in order to convert viewers into customers.

Let’s explore 3D Advertising, its benefits, and the role of render farm in 3D Advertising.

Render Farm in 3D Advertising

What is 3D Advertising?

What is Advertising?

Advertising, in simple words, is the activity of making products or services known generally or in public and persuading people to buy them. It can be a picture, a sign, or a piece of film to promote a specific product or service. The manufacturers typically put advertisements on TV, radio, and online. But now there are more and more new forms of advertising, such as 3D digital billboards, augmented reality (AR) ads, and more.

What is 3D?

The evolution of advertising is thanks to technological advances which include 3D technology. So what is 3D? 3D is three dimensions or three-dimensional, which refers to the three spatial dimensions of width, height, and depth. The physical world and everything we see around us is three-dimensional.

Human eyes can see everything around them in three dimensions since we have 3D perception which is also known as depth perception. In other words, we can see depth. This is how you can know a mountain is far away in the distance.

But 2D digital content such as 2D animations or YouTube videos only has 2D or two dimensions – width and height. That’s why we are unable to distinguish between objects that are close to us and those that are far away. It also does not appear to be coming out of the screen towards our direction or sinking into it away from us.

In short, depth is the key difference between 3D and 2D, making 3D content an immersive and lifelike experience.

What is 3D Advertising?

So, back to the question “What is 3D Advertising?”. Combining the two explanations above, 3D Advertising is an activity to increase public awareness by using three-dimensional images that give viewers a sense of depth. Compared to traditional 2D ads, the viewers get a better visual experience and a deeper understanding and engagement with the product with 3D advertising.

Netflix Billboard – Army of the Dead Zombie Tiger. Source: Still Watching Netflix YouTube

Types of 3D Advertising

Next, what are the major platforms for 3D Advertising? Find out below.

Web-based 3D Ads

The viewers can see web-based 3D advertisements while they are browsing the internet or scrolling through social media. This type of ads can offer functionalities such as 360° product visualization, 3D configuration, customization, zoom-in/zoom-out, and much more.

Augmented Reality (AR) Ads

This kind of ads combines both 3D advertisements and AR technology. The digital components of the ads can be interacted with, explored, and even tried on by users. This interacts with the users considerably more deeply than any other ad format.

3D Billboards Ads

This is a kind of digital outdoor advertising that uses 3D billboards to display eye-catching, photorealistic 3D images. These billboards fascinate people with gigantic visual feasts thanks to a special combination of creative content and 3D technology.

Coca-Cola 3D Billboard. Source: BCN Visuals | 3D Billboards Youtube

The role of render farm in 3D Advertising

Advertisements involved in 3D always need a final step before coming out as a completed product. That is rendering.

The rendering step is time-consuming and books a bunch of resources. Therefore, the production team generally needs to send the projects to a render farm. It can be a local or an external render farm. A high number of render nodes of the render farm will process and deliver the final output faster and in high quality.

Besides, the standard for visuals in commercials keeps getting higher and higher as a result of the fiercer battle to draw attention from consumers. The complexity of each frame that uses 3D increases when that standard levels up. Also, the more complex the scenes are, the longer render times will take. Therefore, the greatest way to quickly and affordably render complex 3D scenes is via render farms.

Furthermore, new visual platforms such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have changed the advertising industry in recent years. VR and AR blur the lines between screens and real life. The audience is now no longer viewing but experiencing. Or we can say the consumers can expect to immerse themselves in a lifelike experience. However, these new platforms continue to rely on pre-rendered 3D content to function. Render farms are becoming increasingly important to production teams because of that reason.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE – Red XIII 3D Billboard. Source: Square Enix Asia Youtube

Conclusion – Render Farm in 3D Advertising

Overall, 3D advertisements are grabbing consumers’ attention with their eye-catching and impactful visuals. These ads engage the viewers on a deeper level, leading to a higher purchase intent and conversion rate. The use of render farm in 3D advertising also contributed to the ultrarealistic 3D visuals you can see.

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