Best Arnold GPU render farms

Do you need a good cloud render farm solution for your Arnold GPU projects? Discover VFXRendering’s choice of Best Arnold GPU render farms below.

best arnold gpu render farms

What is Arnold GPU?

Arnold Renderer is one of the most widely used 3D rendering software for movies, TV, games, and design 3D visualizations. It is owned by Autodesk, who also uses it as a standard renderer in their 3D software – 3ds Max and Maya. Up to version 5, Arnold is a CPU-based rendering program. Three years ago, in 2019, Arnold GPU was first unveiled as a beta release with Arnold 5.3. From version 6, Arnold completes the Arnold GPU toolset with improvements and is able to use both CPU and GPU rendering. CPU rendering focuses on accuracy while GPU rendering is optimized for speed.

Artists and studios, with the help of Arnold GPU rendering, are capable of increasing speed and interactivity during the creation process. Arnold GPU, too, makes it easier for its users to scale rendering capacity to meet project demands. Furthermore, users can quickly and easily choose between GPU and CPU rendering from within the default Arnold interface – with a single click. Based on the NVIDIA OptiX framework, Arnold GPU is optimized to run on the latest NVIDIA RTX technology.

Currently, Arnold GPU is available in all supported plug-ins for Autodesk Maya (MtoA), Autodesk 3ds Max (MAXtoA), Houdini (HtoA), Cinema 4D (C4DtoA), and Katana (KtoA).

Arnold GPU render farm

Rendering is an important, yet exhausting part of computer graphics production pipelines. Since more and more complex CG content is required, we need to keep up not only the high quality but also the production time. In other words, we need more rendering solutions that are both efficient and scalable.

A powerful workstation or local render farm is definitely a good solution. However, even while your workstation is rendering, the rendering workload is increasing and taking too long to be handled by your workstation capacity alone. In that case, you should come to cloud render farms. Online render farm solutions will allow both individuals and studios to scale production without having to spend huge infrastructure investments.

VFXRendering has introduced you to the Top 6 render farms for Arnold, both Arnold CPU and Arnold GPU rendering. This time, find out the best Arnold GPU render farms.

GridMarkets – Arnold GPU Render Farm

GridMarkets is a US based render farm which is established in 2011. Their support for major 3D applications and render engines is outstanding. GridMarkets is a SaaS solution where you will download and integrate their plugin into your software in order to send the scenes via the plugin and receive back the rendered results.

best arnold gpu render farms gridmarkets

Hardware: Tesla P100 / Tesla V100 GPU.

Pricing: From $1.96/machine hour (Economy priority) to $61.25/machine hour (Rush priority).

Arnold support:

ApplicationArnold version
Maya 2020 / 2022 / 20237.1.3.0
Cinema 4D R21-23
Cinema 4D R25
Houdini 16.0-16.5
Houdini 16.5-17.0.x
Houdini 16.5-17.0.x
Houdini 17.x-18.x
Houdini 18.x-19.0.x
3ds Max 2021 / 2022 / 20237.1.1.1

[Updated November 2022]

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iRender Farm – your render farm for Arnold GPU

iRender is a Vietnam based render farm which is founded in 2019. iRender provides an IaaS solution where you are able to control and use their remote servers as your computer. As a result, you can install any 3D software and any versions of Arnold on their servers as you want.

best arnold gpu render farms irender

Hardware: RTX 4090 / RTX 3090 GPU.

Pricing: From $4.5/hour/node (1 GPU) to $28/hour/node (8 GPUs).

Arnold support

ApplicationArnold version
3ds Max
Cinema 4D
All versions of Arnold are supported

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RANCH Computing – a render farm supporting Arnold GPU

RANCH Computing is a France based render farm which was created in 2006. This is a SaaS solution, with a plugin integrated into your 3D software called RANCHecker. The plugin will check your scenes and send them to the farm to render. And send back the results after the render is finished.

best arnold gpu render farms ranchcomputing

Hardware: NVIDIA cards with 11 to 24 GB VRAM. Each node has from 1400 to 2700 OctaneBench 2020.1.5 score.

Pricing: From €0.009 Obh (Low priority) to €0.015 Obh (High priority).

Arnold support:

ApplicationArnold version
3ds Max 2019
3ds Max 2020
3ds Max 2021 / 2022 /2023
Cinema 4D R17
Cinema 4D R18
Cinema 4D R19
Cinema 4D R20
Cinema 4D R21-23
Cinema 4D R24 / R25 / R26 / 2023
C4DtoA 2.6.0
C4DtoA 3.3.3
C4DtoA 4.2.4
Houdini 18.0 (beta support)
Houdini 18.5 (beta support)
Houdini 19.0 (beta support)
Houdini 19.5 (beta support)
Maya 2018
Maya 2019
Maya 2020 / 2022 /2023
MtoA 4.2.4
MtoA 5.2.1

[Updated November 2022]

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Although Arnold GPU is not as stable and noise-free as Arnold CPU, Arnold GPU wins in the rendering speed. Moreover, we are able to match noise on CPU and GPU by a few techniques.

And if you need to deliver creative works with high quality and at a fast speed, Cloud Render Farm is a great and scalable solution. VFXRendering has introduced three Best Arnold GPU render farms, that is GridMarkets, iRender, and RANCH Computing. Hope our choices will help you choose a powerful render farm for your Arnold GPU project easier.

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